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teen girls are annoying. it’s what they do best.

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Text Comments (9014)
Genesis Garcia (5 hours ago)
The girdies should be comedians one day
Mia Monae (6 hours ago)
Grace (10 hours ago)
I was just in Sedona wth
Shemariah Vlog (11 hours ago)
Coffee induced periods that’s why you’re always on your period
Shemariah Vlog (11 hours ago)
Selling replay buttons 6:23 6:23. 6:23. 6:23. 6:23. 6:23. 6:23
Poppy jones (13 hours ago)
Ellie is my favourite person ever 😂😂
Tayton Blackwell (17 hours ago)
6:48 emma is standing in front of a cameltoed manikin
Lisa (18 hours ago)
Does she put coffee or espresso in her ice coffee
Lotte Gritter (21 hours ago)
4:43 pitch perfect vibes
Soe‘s World (1 day ago)
how she talked aboit James charkes and now she even was in the sister squad
Sofía Castellanos (1 day ago)
did she just say ear balls??
Luna Marie (1 day ago)
14:12 emma realizing that she should have date that Dutch bro dude because there won’t be anyone like him....DEADBUTTS I WOULD HAVE BEEN LIKE “You’re amazing I love you date me?!”
Abb_s S (1 day ago)
“Did I put on deodorant??” 😆👏🏻😂😂*mood*
Abb_s S (1 day ago)
“Did I put on deodorant??” 😆👏🏻😂😂*mood*
ananda hart (1 day ago)
miss this
Danny You (1 day ago)
there was one in my neighborhood that was walking her dog and a pack of like 30 started chasing her, and they were blind and they were running in the poles and stuff, but they could HEAR her scent.
Dayanara Hernandez (2 days ago)
april 2019??
Olivia McMillian (2 days ago)
“iS tHiS gLeE?” no sis it’s pitch perfect😂💀
Mia Villanueva (2 days ago)
*Dear Emma* *I just wanted to say* *Can we be friends* *like to see if she responds*
I’m a Secret (2 days ago)
Is Hannah even wearing a seatbelt haha
Lauren Elizabeth (2 days ago)
Emma says they don’t have iced coffee there and on the door there is a sign for iced coffee
Kaylii Vigil (2 days ago)
I feel so bad Emma looks like she was being tortured
Jennifer Tiamzon (2 days ago)
she said there’s no iced coffee there but the door has a poster that says iced coffee hahahah
(2 days ago)
The whole time Emma, Ellie and Hannah were dancing I kept on thinking what is Hannah doing😂😂
Audrey Kay (2 days ago)
i can’t believe there are not friends anymore... it’s been a year since this video
Selena Gomez Fan (2 days ago)
Kinda miss them😩 This was exactly one year ago
Nathalie Asrawi (3 days ago)
1:01 *Ethan Dolan has left the chat*
Carla Andrade (3 days ago)
emma's voice has changed dramatically omg
Carla Andrade (3 days ago)
omg i was watching this randomly and by chance it was uploaded a year ago lol i miss the girdies :((
quetiexo (3 days ago)
teateatea; lol no joke but i feel like emma likes ellie moRe than hannah..idk y. dont come @ me plz 🤠
Annalise Toma (3 days ago)
April 2019 Anyone???
vee bee (3 days ago)
Remember when Emma and Hannah were friends 😣😣
Alexa Barajas (4 days ago)
Where did you get your case Emma
Bri Bri (4 days ago)
6:07 Yw
M I A XO (4 days ago)
6:01 hannah sweetie put your seatbelt on
Connie Trevino (4 days ago)
Why is nobody talking about how drop dead gorgeous Ellie is
Life as Mileky (4 days ago)
i love you too
yeyet (4 days ago)
i *FUCKING* miss this triooOoOooOooooo!!! *cOmbAcK 2019 plz*
Oorvi Chitkara (4 days ago)
4:44 isn't that the pitch perfect riff-off
Lina Charrouf (4 days ago)
My god that endin was so sad
Kiera Gee (5 days ago)
crying really
Makayla Casper (5 days ago)
Has anyone else watched this video like 20 times??
Jillian Miller (5 days ago)
I met Emma at 6:33 hahah
Hilda Heuring (5 days ago)
Lol emma i love your vid lol so #funny lol 🤠
Unknown B (5 days ago)
at 15:00 it had me dead 💀
Dalal J (5 days ago)
I miss this so much
rania (5 days ago)
i’m *obsessed* with emma calling everyone ‘bae’ 💕
vanessa fiona (3 days ago)
Okay I just saw ur comment in Emma's video flying alone commenting the same thing with the same heart only instead of Emma and bro u said Elli and dude wtf
rania (5 days ago)
XellzX10 (5 days ago)
Wtf I have two friends Emma and Amanda what de odds we do this aswell
fabricio coelho (5 days ago)
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Hanne Baas (5 days ago)
you know what's weird? in the netherlands you don't have A DUTCH BROS COFFEE THING!!! IT IS SUPOSED TO BE THAT THERE IS ONE CAUSE IT IS LITTERALY DUTCH :(((((((
Tilly Staines Vlogs (6 days ago)
I love you to Emma hopefully one day I will get to meet you that would be the best day of my life💗💓💖💘💛💚💙❣️💝🧡💞💋💜❤️😘😍
_spxderman (6 days ago)
Too up on the pitch perfect lmaooooo
jo c (6 days ago)
no more blonde emma, no more girdies
Tara Joy (6 days ago)
“they don’t have iced coffee here so I might get uh-“ -emma, who was opening the door with a sign that says “buy our iced coffee”
Ally Block (6 days ago)
For your rash, use silver gel I have a rash too and it works super well 😉:)
Lacey Beaumont (6 days ago)
Emma has changed so much Omg 😂😂
Isabella Andersen (6 days ago)
Jacob S (7 days ago)
Wtf u sound like a tween girl
Ali Tutton (7 days ago)
Which Dutch did you go to? I love dutch so much! I wanna meet you so bad!!!! The next time you come to AZ pls do a meet and greet!!!!!!!!
Maddie Nolan (7 days ago)
9:33 is one of my favourite Emma moments ever, idk why I find it so hilarious
Maddie Wicks (7 days ago)
I put the pitch perfect on lol haha
• iconisunz • (7 days ago)
*Bon Apple Tit, Bitch*
Julia Leigh (7 days ago)
I really loved and appreciated that good morning song. Thank You Emma !
Porkie With Friends (7 days ago)
The girl in the dark red shirt looks like Bille elish’s sister idk how to say it sorry
Suzanne Perry (8 days ago)
Emma scared me and I jumped @ 9:25😂😂😂 love u Emma even tho u scare me ure stilly fav ❤️😂🤣
Elle Hawk (8 days ago)
They are
Sophia Isabella (8 days ago)
she looked happier here:((
Chloe Davis (8 days ago)
7:55 they do have iced coffee
Salma Dolan (8 days ago)
why did no one know that air pods existed back then...and why do ppl think they’re expensive literally from apple they’re $159....
Reem (8 days ago)
6:16 ummm ok
Lenna Suminski (8 days ago)
rewatching all the girdie squad vids cuz her new friends Olivia and Amanda are annoying and boringgggggg
dead roses (8 days ago)
I miss the girdie squad
Cassidy Mallari (8 days ago)
Wow I am watching this in April 2019 and Emma's hair is different :o
helena thetics (9 days ago)
if anyone noticed they were narrating some vines
Grace Notley (9 days ago)
awh i miss the girdies
Squeak's Studio (9 days ago)
When music.ly was a thing…
Its Jenna (9 days ago)
That girl in the right looks like the baby sitter from the incredibles that babysits jack jack
Skylar Benita (9 days ago)
I miss them ughhhh
Aisha Mumin (9 days ago)
Is alissa violet ur inspiration cah u kinda act like her @emma chamberlain
maddie lewis (9 days ago)
Did anyone realise that when Emma said there isn't any ice coffee she went across a sign that said " we serve ice coffee here "
Paola Solis (10 days ago)
Giving that girl aux would be the worst unlit decision anyone could ever do
E Z (10 days ago)
5:02 Emma should cut her hair short
Veronica Beth (10 days ago)
I was laughing so hard when you were racing that car!!!! Ellie’s face😂😂❤️
i miss the girdies sm oof oof
Ava Marable (11 days ago)
*watching this while crying on my period and eating all the snacks in my house.*
Lolo Cooper (11 days ago)
gurl emma thats sugar bowl - gurl its amazing ... so glad you got to go to AZ!!!!
Julia Crisci (11 days ago)
4:16 look at the dog:) your welcome
Havanna Borland (11 days ago)
it’s pitch perfect emma not glee lmao😂
Jim Bautista (11 days ago)
Anastasia Rosu (12 days ago)
‘It’s the liquid centre”that made me laugh so much for some reason
Lief Beuker (12 days ago)
Omg i am dutch
Bubbly Claire (12 days ago)
I have a new video on my channel come and check it out it's about the Girdies coz they broke up.😢
Asta Laustsen (12 days ago)
all 3 of you look sooooo pretty, how
Sofia Slorach x (13 days ago)
3:25 😂😂😂favourite clip
lmaotea (14 days ago)
i miss the girdies and the shishtar squad 😔
Timi Bakare (14 days ago)
I love you friend
Jasmine Thani (15 days ago)
ya'll I just realised that emma isn't a legal adult now so ethan can't date her as he's 20 and she's 17...
Emily & Poppy Lol (15 days ago)
I’m craving Nutella rn.....
i did a pink jeep tour like you and i did the same one

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