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How to wear a trench coat like a Parisian, how to add Parisian Chic to your wardrobe.

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Wardrobe staples don’t come more classic than the trench coat. A trench coat is the perfect way to add some Parisian Chic to your wardrobe. There is no outerwear more suited to transitional weather than a perfect trench. It is light, it is practical and it works from day through until the evening. The trench coat looks superb whether it is worn over jeans and a sweater or with a little black dress. It equally relates with sneakers or stilettos, boots or sandals. The trench coat is an all round really great piece that is essential. Let the Parisians show you cool ways to wear a trench coat. À Suivre
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D Comly (7 months ago)
Still awesome years later :-) Hugs
K D (1 year ago)
I think people around the world wear trench coats in those ways. Nothing special about Paris or Parisian. Maybe it is an expression for the uploader to say I love Paris.
Sharon McCoy (5 months ago)
That's what I was thinking
Katesaigon (9 months ago)
There are at least 3 different lengths for trench coats so it is up to you to style whatever way you like. I don’t think Parisian do anything special with their trench coats though. If there is anything worth mentioning is that it is the attitude of the wearers. Some people take trench coats as coats and others think it is a big deal to wear trench coats so they display that “look at me, I’m wearing a trench coat” attitude or they think they are Sherlock holmes 🕵️‍♀️!
MrToby (1 year ago)
K D What do you mean by "effortless people wear it".... It takes little effort to wear a trench coat. Perhaps only the desire to look stylish instead of sloppy.
K D (1 year ago)
people in this video could be people from around the world.
stvh B (1 year ago)
K D you don't get the point and maybe you don't have eyes for small. details. Everybody wear trench coat, but do you notice the effortless people wear it in Paris?
Eva Müller (1 year ago)
So Parisians wear trenchcoats with a pair of trousers, a skirt or a scarf. That's crazy! :-D
ramlinshoes (1 year ago)
So they still smoke a lot.
Thokko (2 years ago)
So, it's not acceptable for men to wear trench coats in Paris? I went to Paris and I didn't see a single male wearing a trench coat in autumn.
flipthecoin888 (2 years ago)
Is mid November trench coat weather?
flipthecoin888 (2 years ago)
+ILoveParis Thanks for the reply! :) still watching your other videos and taking so much in :) they're incredibly helpful, thanks very much!
ILoveParis (2 years ago)
You definitely need a coat for mid November. Best season for trenches is springtime and early fall.
Robin Smith (2 years ago)
Trench coats are popular in Melbourne Australia during the winter season.
Nahid Khan (2 years ago)
Great video!! Thank you!
K BROTHERS (2 years ago)
I can rock trench coat even i don't live in Paris.
Fabiana Rolando (2 years ago)
I love it !!! I have a lot of trenchs in differents colors and shapes !!!
ILoveParis (2 years ago)
I love them trenc coats in color, especially red. Very Parisian chic!
1982evanthia (3 years ago)
I bought a trench coat with biker details and hip length. I'm apple shaped and the cinched waist does not flatter my shape. I've been wearing this coat nonstop such a versatile piece.
ILoveParis (2 years ago)
Great investment piece. Thank you for sharing!
Louise Ricketts (3 years ago)
I have just bought a new trench coat so this has proved very useful in showing me how to style it. Thanks.
ILoveParis (3 years ago)
Thank you Louise. Enjoy your trench coat! I love it with short dresses as well as with jeans.
Hugo Charbonnel (3 years ago)
Yeah trench coats are pretty common in France, I wasn’t aware that it was some sort of "oddity". But I’m glad to see people are amazed by what is considered "normal" in France, makes me proud of my country for once haha.
Hugo Charbonnel o
IchNaturally (3 years ago)
+ILoveParis I beg to differ, I live in Los Angeles and I see quite a few ladies wearing trench coats here, and yes, you're partly correct, I know this from living on both coasts. Nonetheless, a lot has changes over the past few years. And, of course, I am a proud owner of three and I love them all! Thanks for sharing...
ILoveParis (3 years ago)
+Hugo Charbonnel It is impossible to see women in Los Angeles in trench coats. You would see Nortface coats when it rains.
Hugo Charbonnel (3 years ago)
+ILoveParis Okay, I didn’t know that (I’ve only been in the East coast (Rhode Island and New York) so I guess that’s why things looked (mostly) "normal" to me). It’s very interesting to hear a foreign opinion on the matter ^^
ILoveParis (3 years ago)
+Hugo Charbonnel Trench coats are not very popular in the States, except on the East coast. Parisian women are very creative in making trench coats hip with any outfit they may choose to wear. Thanks for the comment.
Michelle R Jackson (3 years ago)
Been in love with a classic trench since High School.. (50yrs young now!) Love all your videos ,Ines
ILoveParis (3 years ago)
+Michelle R Jackson That's the beauty of a trench coat. Classic items never go out of fashion. Thank you Ines!

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