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INGENIOUS TRICKS USED BY THE SECRET SERVICE As you know, people who have a lot of power and make important and crucial decisions are in great danger every day. We are now talking, of course, about presidents, chancellors, and people who control the governments of different countries. Most people are nice to them, but they also have formidable enemies. To protect themselves from potential or direct threat, they hire a large number of guards, everyone knows this. But did you know that the people who protect especially important persons have a lot of professional secrets? Today we are gonna show you some secret techniques of personal security guards all over the world you didn't even know about.
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BRAIN TIME (4 months ago)
Enjoy the video, dear friends!
Sayda Sosa (22 days ago)
+Janis Langenbrink I don't think so
Jesus Calzada (24 days ago)
Ok dear friends not
Whatta Weirdo (1 month ago)
Fuck you.
Red Dead Christine (1 month ago)
The guard with the rubber hand - what do I think? Uh, well, since he used it to open the door anyone that says its otherwise is a dolt. Clickbait.
Willow Casey (1 month ago)
How did u guys this info
Dexter Playz90000 (21 hours ago)
Luv ur vids
Étienne Bevan (1 day ago)
Trump is not important
Phoenix22Gaming * (3 days ago)
It's no longer secret since u revealed it to the public...
Owen Rhodes (5 days ago)
Did anyone notice he said baraaack! Not Barack
Mossad Agent (7 days ago)
Your video should be reported...
Mossad Agent (7 days ago)
Chancellor is only one idiot... Most are prime ministers and presidents...
Osama Bin laden (8 days ago)
What happned at 0:17'???
[M] Cyka blyat (11 days ago)
Putin 😘😘😍😍😍
Lancelot (11 days ago)
Putin doesnt need these he proteccs himself
Miki Milic (14 days ago)
0:17 , 1:41 Serbian special forces "Cobras "
analisa valenzuela (16 days ago)
Lemme tell you guys.....IM A SPY
TheRealAce (16 days ago)
Waste of time and money to protect idiots.
Yoced Decoy (16 days ago)
TF? They keep the hand there because his pistol is under his arm not oh his waste its a quicker draw you can reach right in and grab it.
Josh Yang (16 days ago)
But there are two good Trumpanzess on both sides.
tornado yt (16 days ago)
The hand are in a weird position because he can pull out his gun faster if there was a gunman.
Malcolm X (14 days ago)
Trump is important ? 😕 give me a break
PenguinPotion _ (14 days ago)
camangon02 dadad (17 days ago)
Edilberto Peña (19 days ago)
I hate trump
black mamba (19 days ago)
Angela Merkel puts Europe's lives in danger every day by being pro immigration..
Sam Sun (20 days ago)
Were is 21
bertjesklotepino (20 days ago)
"People who have a lot of power and make important and crucial decisions....." Aha............... Yeah, important decisions so that they will remain in power, or at least their friends. And crucial decisions which only benefit Them. Not Us. But ey.................. As long as there are indoctrinated buffoons defending these socalled people with a lot of power for money, they will remain in power. Until we, including those bodyguard people, realize we cant eat money. Then we might say to those lying sons of bitches: FUCK YOU! With your toiletpaper with a dead president printed on it. Worthless toiletpaper. But that may take some time. It will come though. Since all money will revert back to its original value: Zero. Especially paper money. Imagine when we go virtual, with the mandatory implant of RFID chips. Get vaccinated, guys..........
bertjesklotepino (20 days ago)
O yeah. Trump is Really Important. Yeah. Really man...... Now, Obey and Consume. Dont question. Stay asleep.
bertjesklotepino (20 days ago)
Ghadaffi drove around the streets in open cars................shaking hands.................not much bodyguards around him. JFK was the last US president who approached the people like a normal humanbeing. But ey: How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look? NOt to say Ghadaffi was a prophet btw. But Hitler himself once was asked why he had to have his SS and such.................. And he explained it. But, he is evil, isnt he? What does that make these people who need the same protection? Saints?
bertjesklotepino (20 days ago)
"control the governments of different countries" Yup. Alright
Anjin- San (22 days ago)
Hey thanks for letting out all those pesky secrets... What An AssHole...
Atomic B5172 (22 days ago)
This video is a flaming fail when the first segmenty goes on and on about the possibility of a fake hand that is eventually shown to be real. What is the point? Complete ignorance and a failure to be entertaining on you tube. Brain Time has a lot of other similarly foolish incompetent attempts at videos like this.
Lou Webster (23 days ago)
You spent close to a minute explaining what the title of the video says. You can cut the useless lead in.
tom dick (23 days ago)
obama sucks
ayush Choudhary (25 days ago)
The queen was also made up of plastic🤔🤔
Reginreivu (26 days ago)
clickbait trash
Jace Thurston (26 days ago)
If that was a fake hand... WHAT TYPE OF GUN can fit in a sleeve that tight
Chris Collins (26 days ago)
Thank you for saying “the Queen of Great Britain” and not the usual “Queen of England” 🤗🤗🤗
Raccoons/Randomness (26 days ago)
Trump is the best
No body (26 days ago)
Both bald guys are aliens
I-8 Oddelenie (26 days ago)
0:57 the Kid on the right wants to touch his nose
ShaeD LifeStyles (27 days ago)
275k a month on security yet American's cant get. a wall to last forever and pay for itself by savin lifes, but we are expendable aren't we..
ShaeD LifeStyles (25 days ago)
+0r1g3n great wall of. China still standing lets do it ahhah jokes i could careless we wont be around to see it get used with the way the world is on a major collapse
0r1g3n (25 days ago)
ShaeD LifeStyles ‘to last forever’. Experts said the maintenance of the wall would outrun the initial 25 billion investment to build it within 7-10 years....
Dukky Drake (28 days ago)
Is that the proper pronunciation of "Interlocutor"? 2:38
Clayton McCann (28 days ago)
Cowards do tend to surround themselves with other cowards.
Johannes Simon (28 days ago)
at 3:00 what movie is that.
Papi Chulo (29 days ago)
Imagine if terrorists get this video
Sasa Vagic (30 days ago)
video beggins in belgrade
Scientific Scientist (30 days ago)
I know secrets fbi open up
Vidar Thorsen (30 days ago)
You can try to attack Pr Trump and you will see.. he will kill you.. arms is in this possession for fast draw guns...
jakstrike Z (30 days ago)
Well... now its not a secret
siddanth vinay (1 month ago)
the guy has his hand there because his gun is right under the coat and so he can grab it quickly
Noa Winner (1 month ago)
black 1178 (1 month ago)
Low budget fake hand from us govermn lol 🤣🤣
Shane Marshall (1 month ago)
five bucks says this video will get mysteriously and suddenly taken down. the potus blames russia
RedXLion 7205 (1 month ago)
No fake after seeing him close the door and move it it is fake
Hilal Ahmed (1 month ago)
US has the best security. Vote for US :)
Jacob - Random Content (1 month ago)
I never knew this!
DeX_Dixinity (1 month ago)
Wtf 0:19
Tanmay Panja (1 month ago)
Street fight ma
Not impressed. Also, Merkel is an evil crone
Willy B (1 month ago)
Chevy Taylor (1 month ago)
The captions say applause at 0:18
Erjon Sinani (1 month ago)
Fake husband
Explosive Reactions (1 month ago)
The hand is the way he opens the door. The doors on the limo have handels that most likely dont work for obvious protevtion reasons. He might have sensors in it that enable him to open the door but also might case him discomfort if he moves them in a certain way
Lawrence Okechukwu (1 month ago)
Shoaib Lakhan (1 month ago)
This video has been copied by a channel named "Purisrar Duniya" or something like that!!!
Mujeeb Khan (1 month ago)
Nothing ingenious about it
Peter Boehmke (1 month ago)
Great video but they aren’t secrets now lol
S L I (1 month ago)
Wait did it really say Obama’s Armored car didn’t have keyholes so once he’s inside he is cut off from the world, only someone inside can let him out! That’s hilarious the secret service opened the door handle in the next clip! 5:15. And Obama’s home cost $275,000 a month?!? Didn’t he live in the White House?
Danny Plascencia (1 month ago)
His hand is like that so he can quickly reach in his left pocket inside his jacket so he can grab the gun quick
Killian Gormley (1 month ago)
There not secret anymore
Aqua Love (1 month ago)
Yes put it out there genius🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️, Assassins and terrorists can’t get data on their phones and view this right. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
TheWeirdoOnTheWeb (1 month ago)
If they are secret, how do you know them? If this is real, won’t you be in trouble?
Backboard Bros. (1 month ago)
Fake hand
Eastwest Management (1 month ago)
His hand was ready to grab a gun out of his coat thats why hes holding in that manner
Zach Hassan (1 month ago)
Exactly 😂
david lonng (1 month ago)
You get a downvote for that sly Russian propaganda bs
ReBornAli (1 month ago)
I think the first one about the fake hand i think he has his and like that because the pistol is in his jacket and wants to get ready incase of something happens
ItsDrxpz- (1 month ago)
0:56 his son looks like he want to die
Spy sozer (1 month ago)
The brain is fake The body is fake The arms are fake The legs are fake But most importantly. His hands are fake.
Jordan Cruthers (1 month ago)
Be careful might have the FBI at your door
Navah Wolff (1 month ago)
F obama
YeehawTV (1 month ago)
Barrack Obama 😂 that's how he says it
GQ Rugged (1 month ago)
I hope someone shoots and kills Donald Trump.
John Rhey Rosel (1 month ago)
Now they will know then! ALERT! "OUR SECURITY HAD BEEN BREACHED"
lilheat (1 month ago)
3:00 what movie is that?
JSI Crew (1 month ago)
4:07 tf was that? Anybody has the full video of that?
TylerG342 (1 month ago)
Lol i wanna see the full video
Mason Potkay (1 month ago)
Jefferson Gilles (1 month ago)
They just not secret anymore
STR ANONYMUS (1 month ago)
FBI: delete this shit
oh wow it's a video about secret tehniques that everybody in the world can see
GaMeIng_PRO # (1 month ago)
If its secret how you know about it? ... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😜
74 torino (1 month ago)
what a crap video
Whatta Weirdo (1 month ago)
Fuck You. Angela Merkel is a genocidal monster.
HUMAN insan (1 month ago)
power jetski (1 month ago)
Bro u dumb
okey (1 month ago)
Maybe It was cold and he was rubbing his hand. * Duh Duh Duh*
Red Dead Christine (1 month ago)
I want my five minutes back. This video sucked.
Gaming Enthusiast 101 (1 month ago)
Angela merkle is a cunt
Putin (1 month ago)
Hitman in real life
Backman beats (1 month ago)
You dont find these videos, these videos find you.
Gkir1 (1 month ago)
0:42 what movie is that scene
lakhvir singh (1 month ago)
The guy with the plastic hand look like a robot
j fakename (1 month ago)
King Cams (1 month ago)
How would you even know about it if it's a secret. Of course they would not let people to know that coz it will jeopardize their job or its purpose?
Dasun Kaushalya (1 month ago)
Hit man
Renato dos Reys (2 months ago)
O Palmeiras não tem mundial kkkkk 👏👏👏🤗🤗
ItsYeBoi Devon (2 months ago)
The hand was made out of rubber.
Smart Boì (2 months ago)

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