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11 Secret Tactics Used By The Secret Service

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Secret service agents worldwide are easy to pick out of a crowd but you might not notice the hidden tactics used by the agents all the time! Interested? Check out other amazing videos about our world and subscribe to the channel! ► http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Richest ◄ Like: 10 Most Powerful Military Weapons That Had To Be Banned https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6qGCh1J0jQ 10 Unbelievable Animals That SAVED People's Lives When No One Could https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cqjc0ILP4eA They’re the ones responsible for providing the physical protection required to safeguard the lives of the country’s highest-ranking leaders as well as visiting dignitaries from around the world The personnel, who have to pass rigorous training and meet a stringent eligibility criteria, are trained to pick out from a crowd anyone suspicious and employ a series of maneuvers to prevent the worst from happening. Even their presence sends a message that whomever opposes them is not likely to achieve their goal, much less get away with it. Once they’re mobilized, boredom is the last thing on their minds. Each of them are focused on eyeing the landscape for any spots that make them vulnerable and assessing the crowd for potential acts of hostility. They’re not just using their brains, wit and experience, though. A lot of high-tech countermeasures are involved as the Secret Service has to navigate a series of what-if scenarios. Furthermore, the Secret Service in most nations also uses a number of tactics that might seem a tad crazy. This video focuses on the latter.
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Text Comments (177)
TheRichest (21 days ago)
What code name would you give to Trump?
H-FAM 76 (7 days ago)
Orange dude
Paridhi Loveyourlife (18 days ago)
I guess its the best CANCER DEADLY
Neiko san (19 days ago)
Shmoobly pibblestone
Collin S (19 days ago)
TheRichest Duck
jiminsii (17 days ago)
if you know about them I don't think you can call them secret
ajibola alibaloye (18 days ago)
You mean 11 secret tactics used by the secret service of USA*
William Wippy (19 days ago)
TALL BOSS da don (20 days ago)
Order food just don't say it's for the president
sonorus destruction (20 days ago)
Now those arent secret anymore lol
John Smith (20 days ago)
To 'The Richest':1)If those tactics are made public,they're not secret.2)A service who is incapable of disguising its field agents doesn't deserve to be called 'Secret'.Just saying.
Anazel Gamilla (20 days ago)
Just hire John Wick..
Jarred Covey (20 days ago)
GTFO...J.F.K., was assassinated by his driver, who was a SS agent!
Uncle Iroh (20 days ago)
It seems legit like top ten channels are finally dying thank god
Johnny Hutto (21 days ago)
That being true.I should with all the Trump haters in hollyweird the secret service has to be getting a lot of overtime.😎
Michael Dexter Lipata (21 days ago)
God bless the Richest
Mike C Factor (21 days ago)
I’m not a fan of the narrator
E Mail (21 days ago)
2:35 - Senator Joe McCarthy
P G (21 days ago)
They thought somebody poisoned that Cheese Burger of Kobe Bryant at that Hotel during the Lakers Playoffs. So much Gambling Money in play...
Anon Apoh (21 days ago)
Don’t let this video trick you. Only a small portion of the secret service is on presidential protection. They are mostly in cubicles trying to find money fraud
rythmrider2 (21 days ago)
What if someone were to go to lengths to get squid ink and a random bird feather to write documents. Would that bypass the SS ink database?🤔
Neiko san (19 days ago)
Lol well they may question you first if this happens.
Diego Zarate (21 days ago)
I guess they need some new ones
Venom (21 days ago)
Congratulations,you just compromised Presidential security
FC Yu (21 days ago)
FC Yu (21 days ago)
🇺🇸🗽💪2020 t 2020 💪🗽🇺🇸
TheTowvalee (21 days ago)
I give today's c.i.a the most respect,for showing such restraint in not throat punching the dumbass in office now.
Andre's Ontiveros (21 days ago)
Fuck him.
jaechun jeon (21 days ago)
They arent so secret now
Juan Garcia (21 days ago)
AK 47
danger450 (21 days ago)
You don't get off easy for making Twitter threats, unless you are Madonna, or another millionaire useless celebrity ...
Ivonne Dominguez (21 days ago)
Like for the secret service to quit only for the American president and king jong un and let them die
HTG Robert300m (21 days ago)
10 minute medicine vs 5 minute crafts....best fight of all time
Lucas Pegurier (21 days ago)
If they're secret, how do you know ?
canadagirl1973 (21 days ago)
JMJ✝. Wish I could have a career as a Secret Service Agent! Amazing bravery 🕊️! I would definitely protect President Donald J Trump 💙 and Team Trump-Pence 💙 overall!
potocho1330 (21 days ago)
Pin. , ,, m.m.m. M m., .m., m, ,
Spooker Red Menace (21 days ago)
wait wait wait.... so when the Prime Minister of Canada has to take a douce , there is a SS IN the very room with him, wow! i guess if there isn't windows they could be facing the door.... or just outside
Margaret Reefer (20 days ago)
He probably has someone to wipe his ass for him. 😂
Ona Blesive lea (21 days ago)
Your views are going down
Kojima Red (21 days ago)
The richest is getting poor
Zenn Lozanno (21 days ago)
If its on the list its not secret anymore
luke kin (21 days ago)
Why is all this information on YouTube anyway? Just wondering. Someone might be able to digest all this and prepare more thoroughly should they intend to carry out a "good deed".
christine paris (21 days ago)
We can only hope!
Carina Grisbrook (21 days ago)
Why does that body guard look like Ryan Reynolds 😂😂
Sapphire Gangsta (20 days ago)
Because its from a movie, the hitman's Bodyguard
Joao E. Nascimento (21 days ago)
Whoever came up with the idea that the Secret Service "uses Systema in ANY capacity" needs to seriously brush up on their research skills. And stop making BS claims, just for the sake of "churning out more vids". SHAME!
We We (21 days ago)
The US "secret tactics" Makes a video for millions to se Me"claping hands slowly"
TV Haben The Hero (21 days ago)
MVPQUIS (21 days ago)
If they secret how u know
Glad Games (21 days ago)
Hand gestures?
Lil Depression (21 days ago)
Not secret anymore...
Michael Miller (21 days ago)
I love your videos looks very time consuming to make 👍🇧🇸
Aaliyah fan94 (21 days ago)
*barfing* 😷💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Tara Firman (21 days ago)
We should vote on issues NOT people this came from Abraham Lincoln to me this info.Also if a President has to be then have the White House as the main focus of where the President & his family live make people think this but place him & his family somewhere else to live.Maybe in a subdivision w/others that are from the white house,secret service agents & police live on.Has a huge fence around the whole subdivision that will shock you if you try climbing it it will alert the main head quarter house & have police alerted immediately to catch the perpetrator/s.The house s have bullet proof windows & doors also to where you can look outside but no one can look in & cameras everywhere.
Finessa Woo (21 days ago)
I thought the point of them wearing shades was to hide their pupils lol
D Rishard (21 days ago)
Hitmans Bodyguard
Owais Imran (21 days ago)
12 mil subs and struggling to get 50k views
Ibrahim Ahmed (21 days ago)
That's cool
Vision Toky (21 days ago)
Donald Trump code name should been orange 😂🤣
christine paris (21 days ago)
Or sleazy, lying bigot...
MarkDaNerd (21 days ago)
Or cheeto
Adam Dorris (21 days ago)
Yes yes, they all know that I have a very small "weapon" in my pants. But you guys don't have to make fun... 😉😋😎
You are so cringe
No Name (21 days ago)
No Name (21 days ago)
Rolling Thunder (21 days ago)
Adam Dorris - Yep.Using my "small (tiny!) weapon" for anything other than liquid elimination would be classified as Assault With A Dead Weapon!
Ami Herrera (21 days ago)
Lol Idk why I said that
Alex Morton (21 days ago)
mogul actually makes a lot of sense for trump because it means "an important or powerful person, especially in the motion picture or media industry." could the people making this video not do a simple google search or something lol that names isnt "mysterious" at all
christine paris (21 days ago)
It's a complete mystery why anyone would think a person who knowingly surrounds themselves with criminals, files bankruptcy in order to keep from paying bills, sleeps around on his pregnant wife, and lies everytime he opens his mouth could ever be called a mogul....
tiffany benefield (21 days ago)
I guess that these tatics aren't so secret anymore now.😂
tiffany benefield (21 days ago)
+Kojima Red Ok
Kojima Red (21 days ago)
+tiffany benefield Well the declassified information over recent years show and state misinformation is an advantage to the United States. Put as much information oit there let it sit, then alter the world around you in regards to defense, and other expensive things. Such as all the MIRVS the states purchased in the last year and a half. Keeping the public focused on what they want is the goal.ill find the report that was declassified with a lot of different examples. Mk ultra was a deterrent and focal point to keep eyes off a iconic trade that went down when it began. My English is not the best, i am from Sicily and speak Itilian, Maltese, and Japanese. Hope there is no missunderstanding, and no disrespect. Just foggy in the head from flu so English is a slow read and write but i think i wrote well enough
tiffany benefield (21 days ago)
+Kojima Red There's not a perfect security system of any kind anywhere. 100% of them have holes. Some are just harder to find.
FAZ-e ٠ (21 days ago)
Not so secret now... are they?
danger450 (21 days ago)
These videos have been around forever, on many channels.
Cami Ludlow (21 days ago)
kaiden johnson (21 days ago)
hi wanna chat?
quavo_ Topic (21 days ago)
Y'all know that i was the first person
My grandpa shoved him into the car :D
No lies
kaiden johnson (21 days ago)
dont lie
The man with the plan (21 days ago)
Not much of a secret anymore
Early squad
Criticaljaguar 44 (21 days ago)
Its not a secret Now
Leah Graff (21 days ago)
6 lol:)))
Clorox Bleach (21 days ago)
You won’t love this comment
Caylin Saunders (21 days ago)
This is how many people want pewdiepie to get back to number one 👇🏻
christine paris (21 days ago)
Racists are never "number one".
Typical Fan (21 days ago)
You will never love this comment please do
PurEBuildsz (21 days ago)
James Charles Kissed You You Already know what to do
PurEBuildsz (21 days ago)
+xd_SlayhZ SURE
xd_SlayhZ (21 days ago)
Run over him with a car, and if he's moving u back up over him
Chimera (21 days ago)
162 nd
SRBHitman (21 days ago)
25th comment
Luke Fernandes (21 days ago)
Clorox Bleach (21 days ago)
Drink me Secret service can’t do that or they can’t protect our president
Clorox Bleach (14 days ago)
ben crow cause I can
ben crow (20 days ago)
Why does a Clorox bleach bottle have an account
जेठी (21 days ago)
Kojima Red (21 days ago)
The president is a civil servant. To die for him would require absolute loyalty to his every belife. You can deny a lot of orders by the president if you work with him, sadly a lot of younger guys dont know and will get hurt protecting him, and the documents are usually destroyed afterwwrds for "security" usually to cover their ass, DCI, CIA,
Thomas Holman-Layne (21 days ago)
i was the 5th person to watch this
Kingz_hawaii 768 (21 days ago)
Very cool
Jakey Makey (21 days ago)
PurEBuildsz (21 days ago)
1 like equals 1 more video a day.
Naishalis Fabian (21 days ago)
kaiden johnson (21 days ago)
H-FAM 76 (21 days ago)
Unusual tactics for unusual people
Gurjeet Singh (21 days ago)
They just call them “tactics”
mythical cash (21 days ago)
Call mee 303 883 4283
Tayah Quirke (21 days ago)
mythical cash (21 days ago)
Beanie boo Wonder land (21 days ago)
hlutei Chhakchhuak (21 days ago)
6th 😂😂😂
Joe Blox (21 days ago)
Matteo Lanaro (21 days ago)
DoOp_Edzo (21 days ago)
LoOk I'm FiRsT
naelah sayegh (21 days ago)
Ok wtf is happening
__ izuku__midoriya __ (21 days ago)
8 th
Truly_Duece (21 days ago)
Good vid
space bear (21 days ago)
Tate Experiments (21 days ago)
XxX VyQwaintlover1xXx (21 days ago)
1 st
gabriel kenny (21 days ago)
Fuck you mate
The Debate Hitman (21 days ago)
Szymon Zaliwski (21 days ago)
Jakey Makey (21 days ago)
You mean furst
Gamer 922 (21 days ago)
brendan salter (21 days ago)
space bear (21 days ago)

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