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Best Trench Coats of the Season, Fall Fashion, Currently Trending

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A trench coat is a wardrobe essential, and a piece that you can really wear year-round. Today, Fashion Reporter Allison McNamara enlisted the help of her colleagues here at PopSugar to show you our favorite trenches of the season. Whether you're on the market for a little leather à la Alexander Wang's Fall runway, or you're on the hunt for something classic — we've got seven stylish trench coats that will please every fashion personality. Watch on and let us know which one is your favorite! Subscribe for more FabSugarTV! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugartvfab Visit our website for more hot fashion tips! http://www.popsugar.tv/#fashion Are we friends yet? Join us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/FabSugar Get the latest updates via Twitter! https://twitter.com/#!/fabsugar
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Robin Smith (2 months ago)
I favorite here is the first one. So classic. Strange how trench coats have become so feminized when they were originally a men's item. They look so very stylish on men and women. I wish more men would wear them and keep them alive as a popular men's item.
Beauty & The Fashion (10 months ago)
Excellent..................... Best long coats & jackets collection for women in 2018| Women's Outerwear Jackets & Coats Collection | top stylish , beautiful & trendy jackets & coats for girls https://youtu.be/IU-qL5J_97I
Tedy Stanley (1 year ago)
Especially if I can get tiny black, khakh, blue and purple,
Tedy Stanley (1 year ago)
I really like them, I would like to get four, how much per each, am Tanzanian. Can I please know how purchase can be done
Peter Yang (2 years ago)
wow $1790
Jihad Laaziz (3 years ago)
i like Madison she is stunning
The coat Allison s wearing looks like she is smuggling pillows. Horrid! Also-A trench is a classic piece that will last you a lifetime. You should purchase the best quality (Burberry has specialized in trenches for more than 150 years!) and purchase in classic colors and silhouette so you never go out of style. You will be wearing and looking fab in a BB for the next 50 years and you could still pass it on to your kids! lol
Semih1991c (5 years ago)
very very beautiful.
Brittany Codiene (5 years ago)
The black and brown one is not flattering to her figure
Ole Christian Henne (5 years ago)
I love women who wheres tranch coats i find very sexy very spring very stylish makes me fancy them even more and yes i am a guy love male version as well with tie and dress shirt
Erin Ross (6 years ago)
This is an established website with access to high end, good quality clothing. There are plenty of youtube "style gurus" who do fashion looks with affordable items from Forever21, H&M etc. Also I don't see you telling those people to go out and buy burberry? Not every channel can relate to everyone's needs. No one is forcing you to watch this one.
dancergrl47 (6 years ago)
their whole channel is about the high-end fashion world, not about cheap forever21 finds and what not. you want cheaper finds? go to another channel, not this. this is for reference to find similar trends
George Viada (6 years ago)
Allison, I really love it when young women wear trench coats in any color, especially black, beige, and off-white. Women look adorable in trench coats!
Imanthepeep (6 years ago)
Everything is beautiful and stylish on you:)
frankies683 (6 years ago)
Well you are truly beautiful- both on the outside and the inside <3<3<3
Allison McNamara (6 years ago)
agree-- that is why we show mainstream brands like J Crew and Club Monaco, in addition to the fancy brands like Burberry!
Allison McNamara (6 years ago)
thank you :) I'm petite so when i wear looser pieces or bigger jackets, they aren't quite as flattering
Allison McNamara (6 years ago)
thanks for your support!
Allison McNamara (6 years ago)
yes you probably shouldnt have. you should never say that someone is pregnant unless you are sure, its offensive. that is how women get eating disorders.
Allison McNamara (6 years ago)
aw thanks Kirbie!
Allison McNamara (6 years ago)
no i dont! I have a hair and makeup artist, Kasia Bohos, and we like to play around with different looks! xo
frankies683 (6 years ago)
Allison do you do your makeup? You always look a little different every video but you always have a uniquely beautiful look!
Imanthepeep (6 years ago)
Allison you look great! And you dress your body very beautifully too. You are one of my inspirations actually! Some people leave very unnecessary ugly comments don't know why!
Imanthepeep (6 years ago)
Love the club Monaco first trench :)
Kaily Nguyen (6 years ago)
@Allison McNamara I apologize. I didn't mean to be offensive or anything. I agree with @Kirbie Johnson, I shouldn't have said that.
Kirbie Johnson (6 years ago)
This was so fun! And definitely, if these price points are too high, find a similar one that's in your price range! Inspiration is key.
Kirbie Johnson (6 years ago)
Probably shouldn't say that if you don't know for sure. I think Allison looks stunning as usual!
Allison McNamara (6 years ago)
I'm not pregnant
Rena R (6 years ago)
OMG Burberry's coat !!!!! i need to get one very soon !! <3
May Sundström (6 years ago)
Yeah allison looks pregnant:(
Kaily Nguyen (6 years ago)
Is Allison pregnant or did she gain weight o-o
Annie Oakley (6 years ago)
I really loved the Burberry one, though of course, I can't afford it, but I love the silhouette of it. I hate it when a coat makes you look huge, especially around Christmas, when I actually hang out with people outside and there are pictures of me looking really bulky, and what with the "practical shoes" and all. Ah, winter, I hate you.
BeautyandKittens (6 years ago)
I love the bright colored ones!
Ashley Carroll (6 years ago)
They are cute but really pricy. ill be looking at the thrift stores. I really love the Burberry one and the blue j crew one Blue is my signature color.
Allison McNamara (6 years ago)
which trench is your favorite? let us know!
Keisha Royal (6 years ago)
How bout for once the price point is under 150 dollars .... i find that these FASHION LOOKS are more for an well established person with alot of money ... PERSONALLY EACH VIDEO DOES NOT Relate TO THE AVERAGE GIRL .... u guys really need to revamp a little bit ... u should always do high end clothes aswell as low end.
Galaxy475 (6 years ago)
the bcbg trench is right up my alley
o0JEANNINE0o (6 years ago)
the one from burberry *.* but it's a little bit to expensive for me :(

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