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Sharing Dark Secrets!

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Check out the glorious Amarionette- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuCITvu_DyE This episode has a lil more serious tone but we think yall will still enjoy!! PATREON: http://bit.ly/2BlHmuW Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedickeydinesshow/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dickeydinesshow/ DickeyDines Twitter: https://twitter.com/DickeyDinesShow Jared Dines: https://www.youtube.com/user/th3ycharg3 Austin Dickey: https://www.youtube.com/user/Dickeyfighter7861 Jared's Twitter: https://twitter.com/JaredDines Austin's Twitter: https://twitter.com/DickeyAoe Business Inquiries: [email protected]
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Text Comments (501)
Daniel Harjuniemi (19 hours ago)
I mean, 15 is the age of consent in sweden..
H3NT41 L0V3R (1 day ago)
Good Band No One Listens To: Priestess
Mr. Clean (2 days ago)
Im 17 male and i hit on my (teacher assistants?) and there around 24. I myself have no problems with this no shame, this weird or nah?
Bobafatty 111 (3 days ago)
1:25 "My Polyamorous friend, you've got me in a mess of trouble again..." ~Breaking Benjamin
Belly Lomeli (4 days ago)
my secret is I dont know if your trying to be secretly drunk or secretly drunk? Or both? Haaaaaaa
TheFirstNobody (7 days ago)
I was told the song was good, and was let down very hard. I figured, but I had some hope.
RedEyesTops (11 days ago)
Find god? But then she'd fall in love with even younger kids :^|
Sunrider (15 days ago)
Why would you expose me to Amarionette? That shit was garbage.
Stephen Barba (17 days ago)
aazz0099503 (20 days ago)
Jared “I’ve had a lot of upset women”
PierceTheHorizon Sykes (20 days ago)
I like how he says "find god" like hes serious, then says "don't do that"
Fazfan 1987 (22 days ago)
“You like... Krabby Patties don’t you, Squidward?” 😏
JJHoser (23 days ago)
I'm sorry but that song was trash. It was like a metal band was told they needed to make something more "poppy" in order to gain success, so they just copied walk the moon with slightly metal tones lingering in the back.
Dat Boi JRock (25 days ago)
That song you suggested was mad wack.
Dave Carsley (26 days ago)
Song wasn't all that good, dudes.
Gage Williams (10 days ago)
It fucking sucked😂👌
HunterFisher 99 (1 month ago)
That song sucks ass
Sloth (1 month ago)
Song is dope
brandon albright (1 month ago)
You guys look so stoned on this one
Andrew Parker (1 month ago)
I like you guys but that song was rouggghhhhh, dude has a pretty good voice but not feeling the song. What website are you guys reading this from btw?
Alex Gannon (1 month ago)
I spit out my tea everywhere 😂😂 you dudes are so fucking funny 😂😂😂😂😂
Isaac Soto (1 month ago)
Jared is a great dude for that random shoutout. He just wants to see other bands really succeed even if it doesn’t get him anything
Gage Williams (10 days ago)
I appreciate him shouting them out but I was expecting a way heavier band or style of music that style is just not me at all I hate it lol
DylanTheSmylan (1 month ago)
"jared labia not clit" I spent hours getting that : /
Its Gems (1 month ago)
It must be hard to rape men trying to get a flacid penis into a vagina
Reynauld (1 month ago)
The one at 10:33 genuinely has me enraged
Chris Macier (1 month ago)
This band pay for this?
Tony Garcia (2 months ago)
I literally cannot sleep because i just found this channel and i have to watch as much as i possibly can. Great content.
Dhan Chordkillo (2 months ago)
Very depressing episode.
Franklin Barnes (2 months ago)
So you skip from 1 to 3?
Franklin Barnes (2 months ago)
Weak fucking intro
Finn (2 months ago)
one time I had to stop doing homework because my dad got home and put a razor blade on the table and said "you want this in your throat, thats how far doing homework will get ya" I was about 8 and didn't really understand he was drunk af. now I think about it I still don't really get his point lmao.
Ben McNamara (2 months ago)
Amarionette brought me here
Julian Ruiz (3 months ago)
what app or site were these guys using to find these?
TJ Razzano (3 months ago)
Austin woke about the double standard of rape accusations. Thank you Austin.
Marco Corsini (3 months ago)
13:34 He give macc He attacc But most importantly, he chokes till the guy won't fight bacc
Tyler Messer (4 months ago)
Okay. Call me a judgmental male pig all you want, but #3 is the typical female psyche. You agree to have a strictly physical relationship with no strings or commitment, get with another girl, and she gets pissed at you like you did something wrong, even though she's fucked around with other dudes. I've been with plenty of women with this same exact, "what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine" attitude. Women can be so hypocritical it's retarded. I can do it, but if you do it you're a dirty rotten bastard. 😒
Ya boi Metal head (4 months ago)
14:32 how have you not been caught yet
björn alt gangster (4 months ago)
Austin not gunna lie bro youd be a good dad if you had kids lol
Keenan Reynolds (5 months ago)
The song is at 37k views now. Alittle plug goes along way 😂
GFM Productions (5 months ago)
Whatever bad and horrible situation you might be in....This two will always find a way to make it absolutely hilarious 😂🤣😅
CanadianCombatWombat (5 months ago)
The first one...just....no, go be poly....a whore....somewhere else.
Matthew Vlogs (5 months ago)
Think of mutual Stockholm syndrome as beauty and the beast Beast fell in love with belle (Kidnapper with Victim) And belle with the Beast (Victim wit kidnapper)
Ethan. Branthoover (6 months ago)
This is the best episode of dr phil ever
MarvelSkywalker (6 months ago)
the guy that killed the homeless guy that's fucked up
pablo binch calvo (6 months ago)
anyone who doesnt like amarionette are idiots who dont understand how unique their sound style and discography is. great blend of prog rock pop and disco
Christoffer Olsen (6 months ago)
well the music and vocals were great. but you can write a song about anything and go with sex, reaily?
?¿ _insecurecreep_ ¿? (7 months ago)
. 🎩 👈😏👈 🦵🦵
bAFMETALMAN (7 months ago)
You guys are too funny, you made my day like you always do! Greetings from Denmark
Mark Zuckerberg (7 months ago)
go watch a two year old video of me smashing a guitar hero controller
Tyralion (7 months ago)
That song sucked btw
Mathias Stuhl (7 months ago)
The Band you mentioned, it is not good. Or to make it clearer, the Instrumentals aren´t that bad, but the singer sounds too radio-popish.
Matthias Nilson (8 months ago)
Terrible song, wtf? Normally I can trust your guys' music taste but that was like just some strange pop song.
Lucas the Lemur (8 months ago)
i came here expecting to laugh... i'm sad now...
just the tip? band (8 months ago)
aint nothing wrong with large labia. meat curtains need love too 🍻
Dustin Bannister (8 months ago)
Dr. Phil's got some competition.
Dylan Rudd (8 months ago)
10:33 I had a very similar situation where the girl I was friends with for a while and was going to have a sex change to become a man, she kept asking me to take her virginity and it happened to be mine as well so even tho I wasn’t wanting to I did it anyways because she made me feel bad. Definitely this story is a lot more scary and even traumatizing than mine just thought I’d share to post that not all male rape cases are fake and the double standard is bullshit
HB2dixon (8 months ago)
Charlie is a cat
qwertydog979 (8 months ago)
3:50 shit my name's madi
BDYog _ (8 months ago)
I was ready to laugh, but now i just feel bad for those people
La Fleur Noire (8 months ago)
On the third one: "Must be maddie" who tf is that?! Who has the tea?!
Darry rs (8 months ago)
wut you guys are just now finding out about Amarionette? I bet Tony knew about them , being he's a big coheed fan.
Violet (8 months ago)
Just a note, polyamory and polygamy are two different things. Polyamory is more...open i guess? It's not wanting multiple spouses, but multiple partners. Usually not out of the blue, moreso based on being in love with multiple people at the same time. It can be a triangle (one person with two people who don't fuck each other as well) or a circle (everybody in the relationship fucks everybody in the relationship. These aren't the only two options, just examples of some. So definitely less fucked up, because in these relationships absolutely have to communicate what they want out of the situation and make sure everyone is okay with it. It can be centered around one person but can also be mutual and equal in who gets who.
Jon Mc (8 months ago)
I do not like that song... interesting sound... i thought you said The marionette and looked them up cause PS4 knows how to do all the links... but i don't like that song... the band i did find marionette... very very interesting... they have like some almost black metal vocals with some close to death glam ideas... but they are very heavy and seem pretty talented
RuMo Lotus (8 months ago)
This video is fucked
Infernum (8 months ago)
i love the fact that jared gets angry over bands being underrated LMAO
sub human scum (8 months ago)
Wolfman Blackmane (8 months ago)
I was hoping that this was going to be funny. Now I'm more depressed.
Thuggaloz Jester (8 months ago)
I'm very upset that Jared didn't make a breaking benjamin reference I mean polyamorous by breaking benjamin is a dope ass song (this comment was for shits a giggles don't take it personally lmao)
Manny Walzer (9 months ago)
secret about austin and jared they both hate war robots
Sirus Blank (9 months ago)
Amarionette is a really good band. Although I love their older stuff. You guys need to listen to Repeating History.
Alexander Motley (9 months ago)
Omg I'm so glad I already know about Amarionette I fit in fuck yes
Derrick sremog (9 months ago)
damn these thots are all the same....lmfao confused, sexually distraught, no loyalty at all, just low and cold. shallow af. never ever trust a succubus.
MainEagleX (9 months ago)
Here's one for the books. I fear I may have an attachment disorder, roughly one year ago I fell for a girl named Lauren, and long story short I was in love for the first, she wasn't. She let me down easy but it still hurt like nobody's business. Since then I couldn't stop developing feelings for girls here and there, mostly just crushes, some obviously being strtonger than others. They would last no shorter than a week and rarely longer than a month. Doesn't sound too weird, right? Thing is this was happening over the span of an entire year and there would be times when I'd have feelings for four sometimes five different girls at a time keep in mind this wasn't sexual, I'd just want to be with them, while being constantly gripped by an overwhelming sense of loneliness. I have a lot of female friends and I've had feelings for a lot of them without ever telling them. I've since given up hope for a serious relationship for now after being ignored/hurt one too many times. But I'm still kind of worried, could there be something actually wrong with me?
Satan (9 months ago)
#20 *_CUCK_*
Slap Nuts (9 months ago)
Biggest secret: I peed farded shidded and camed
Slap Nuts (9 months ago)
Biggest secret: I peed farded shidded and camed
HeavyMetalSpoon (9 months ago)
I like my little pony porn, and I fucking hate myself for it. :/
HeavyMetalSpoon (9 months ago)
Worst thing is that Im unable to get a boner from human porn.
Aaron Santos (9 months ago)
I love you guys- stay friends and always keep making vids \m/
Lexxy Ann (9 months ago)
Austin really did have the concerned father look the entire video
Jacob Torrez (9 months ago)
This is video is so sad it makes me want to play deapacito
Creepy Mcpeepers (9 months ago)
I can't believe these people just tell yall this stuff
Creepy Mcpeepers (9 months ago)
I hate the piece of shit town I live in
Creepy Mcpeepers (9 months ago)
I have a wired obsession with this show
Niccolo Laforteza (9 months ago)
Love advise with austin dickey snd jared dines
Creepy Mcpeepers (9 months ago)
Bobby MacDonald (9 months ago)
"17... Is This Real...?" Short answer: Probably not.
owen bailey (9 months ago)
Can you guys make another one of these
Dakota Duran (9 months ago)
Is number 4’s name Ty Aaron?
DylanTheSmylan (9 months ago)
The band wasnt that good imo but whatever, i guess i just dont like funky pop.
TJ Deuces (9 months ago)
Hey speaking of bad ass songs with no views, check this out fam! https://youtu.be/8Ht1oaebisE
Lisa Watson (9 months ago)
Yah that song was disappointing, imma go listen to Fleetwood Mac again to cleanse my ears.
Christoffer Olsen (9 months ago)
Lisa Watson for Some ive Always hated sex as a Song topic,
Joe (9 months ago)
My biggest secret is that I seek for "toon porn"... like, my little poney
Andrew Wessel (9 months ago)
Amen to 9!!!🙌🏻
Conor Knott (9 months ago)
I'm fucking high as shit rn watching this and this is beautiful
Binary Ghost (9 months ago)
Love y'all but polyamorous isn't polygamy.
Patrick Zeisler (9 months ago)
at 00:5 didnt we already do that with the order of elijah new line of defence
old Goblin (9 months ago)
That song fucking sucked ass dude.
Animus Lupus (9 months ago)
That was somewhat entertaining yet disturbing though
jerk face (9 months ago)
14:56 "unintentional cucking" austin thats just called cheating
Tetlock Victor (9 months ago)
“He Mac but he also attack”
Tattooed Mama (9 months ago)
Austin is daddy af😍😍 Follow me on Instagram: Jamies_a_bitch 😘😘😘
Lgit Nesd (9 months ago)
Austins head looks like a penis. ( not being mean or hateing lmao)

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