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Tropkillaz - I Got Style [FREE DL]

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Tropkillaz - I Got Style Make sure you subscribe to stay up on all our top videos: http://bit.ly/UOpeOB RUN THE TRAP http://Runthetrap.com https://twitter.com/runthetrap http://soundcloud.com/runthetrap http://www.facebook.com/RunTheTrap DOWNLOAD: https://www.facebook.com/Tropkillaz/app_208195102528120 FOLLOW: https://soundcloud.com/tropkillaz https://www.facebook.com/Tropkillaz https://twitter.com/Tropkillaz
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Text Comments (11)
Rick (5 years ago)
Teach me how to dougie (anyone same feeling in this song?)
SteashEdits (5 years ago)
Does anyone know what he says at 0:42?
Music MiNER (5 years ago)
+SteashEdits ah, that makes so much more sense! 
SteashEdits (5 years ago)
+Edit your name I asked this a long time ago on like 3 different channels. Someone send me the lyrics and it is: ''Cold gettin' bigger, an idol-like figure.'' It's really hard to tell it by listening because none could find it out. :p
Music MiNER (5 years ago)
I can't figure out the first word "____ gettin' bibble" is all I can think of.  But the next bit is "an iolite figure" referring to an usual gemstone then "play me if ya want, and make like a trigger"
schibli84 (5 years ago)
dl link doesn't work for me......
Alejandro Alonso (5 years ago)
Tropkillaz, you got style!
Alex Soto (5 years ago)
SikeNaw Gaming (5 years ago)
i swear Tropkillaz is killing EVERY FUCKING SONG they make
Trap Panda (5 years ago)
Tropkillaz got style? True! Dope!
TheDubstepMaster (5 years ago)
Dope beat!

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