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Sharing secrets | VLOGUST FOUR | Lesbian family vloggers

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Bahhh had so many problems uploading this so excuse the lower quality and lack of intro and outro. It’s the weekend so a longer vlog with some cute shenanigans 😊 Come be friends on Instagram! We post cute pictures of Florence! https://instagram.com/dandybirds/ We are Stephanie and Elana - a lesbian couple from a small town in New Zealand who conceived using a known donor (who we met online). We are both Pakeha and he is Chinese. Now we are trying for baby number two! We would love to connect with other people so please comment and subscribe so we can chat!
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dandy+birds (8 months ago)
Bahhh had so many problems uploading this so excuse the lower quality and lack of intro and outro. Just had to strip it back and get it up!!
dandy+birds (8 months ago)
She is such a funny little thing - I don’t know where she got that eye flashing trick from but its very cute and she knows it’s super funny!
Ella Marson (8 months ago)
It was awesome loved every minute, that’s life xxxxxx
Jewelz G (8 months ago)
It's fine!! Her language is unbelievable! Love her facial expressions, especially when you ask her where her eyes are! Poor Elana!
Great Video
Swamp Ophelia (8 months ago)
Aww my mum used to do butterfly kisses on my hand
Maria Wolterstorff (8 months ago)
Wow! Looks like Johno's new place is bustling! Good for him. Sorry to hear Elana is stick under the weather. Hope she feels better soon!
dandy+birds (8 months ago)
+Maria Wolterstorff thanks - she’s starting to improve 🤞
WhenD Newzum (8 months ago)
I saw no problems and noticed u girls all know how to party hardy ! So enjoyed love u guys
dandy+birds (8 months ago)
😆 we sure do! Nobody parties harder on a concrete boat than us!
Vicky Carimat (8 months ago)
love you so much guyz flo flo is so cute and bright❤❤❤
carlie amado (8 months ago)
Yesss Flo Flo no way to flouride it's not really healthy for you🤗😁
Derika M (8 months ago)
Flo's drumming was A+. Very cute vlog 😄
Teaveezed123 (8 months ago)
Aw, Uncle Jonno’s girl.❤️
dandy+birds (8 months ago)
She sure is! 😊
Joan Milano (8 months ago)
I love your little family! And Flo is being so much more expressive, so cute!!!
Hola Dandy..SO BEAUTIFUL BEAUTlFUL BEAUTIFUL l am very happy to see your video FROM THAILAND
Diane Constantin (8 months ago)
Awesome how much Flo’s vocabulary has expanded over the last few weeks! The same can be said for Elana and Flo’s relationship which has really blossomed. So much love in your beautiful family! Hope Elana is feeling better! Sometimes it can take a couple of weeks to get over those rhino viruses. Fortunately, as you get older you don’t get sick as often!
dandy+birds (8 months ago)
It’s really lovely and warms my heart 😊 Flo loves her mama!!!
Ella Marson (8 months ago)
Awww flo loves her johno, and my partner Ria loves his owl painted wall it’s awesome !.....poor Elana what a trooper , at the rental and boat partying bless her hope she feels better real soon it’s dragging on now , maybe she needs some probiotics..love the boat dancing you groovy chicks 🐥 🐥🐥how cute was flo “ party here lol”...eyes and eyelashes, hearts and diamonds , cheese and fluffies Ganga and wafffles , singing while soaking ...it’s all happening ....so love your vlogs ....peace health and love from oz 💖💖💖🌈🐝
dandy+birds (8 months ago)
😊 always love your comments - thanks for watching! Elana is starting to feel better but it’s slow going!
Barbara Morton-Winters (8 months ago)
Here eyes, her eyes such beautiful eyes.
Barbara Morton-Winters (8 months ago)
Alana, are you getting better?
dandy+birds (8 months ago)
Starting to! Finally!
Barbara Morton-Winters (8 months ago)
Like be you and your mon together with Flo Flo a Go Go!
samhowardvideo (8 months ago)

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