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My Mom Revealed My Secrets To The Whole Internet

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★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO [email protected] IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED https://bit.ly/2J5HP7j Hi! This is Ryan, he’s fifteen, and he’s been thinking about sharing this story for quite a while already. And a few weeks ago it took a turn that no one expected…This story is about him and his mom. Her name is Diane, and Ryan is her only child – this is important to the story. She studied to become an architect, but lost interest really fast, so she never actually worked as one. When she married his dad at twenty three, she was right at the point where she didn’t really know what she wanted to do. Then pretty soon after, his mom got pregnant, and that eventually helped her to decide. She started a blog. A mom blog, or a baby blog – however you want to call it. Blogs were kind of booming at that time, and a lot of people were starting their own. Hers started as a kind of online diary for friends and family. Ryan’s mom would write posts about her pregnancy and expectations, and share tips and pictures – basically, anything that interested her. As the weeks went by, the blog gained more and more readers, and a lot of them were strangers. The internet itself was growing quickly at this time. After he was born, his mom became even more enthusiastic about her blog. Now, she had a lot more things to tell her readers about. Of course there was stuff there he can’t remember now, since the blog is older than him. But once Ryan was a little older and able to understand it, he once scrolled all the way down the feed to 2005. And there was everything – pictures of him as a newborn baby, then as a toddler, and on and on…more on that a little later. And it was not just about the pictures of course. She would write about what happened during almost every day, with the most intimate details. And he learned a lot of stuff most kids are not supposed to know: like the fact that he wasn’t planned. Ryan’s totally fine with that, and all of these early posts are not a problem for him in general. But things just got awkward as he was growing up. You don’t have many secrets when you’re a toddler, but as you get closer to your teenage years, you start to experience stuff you’d rather keep private. The problem was that his mom didn’t seem to understand that. He must have been around twelve when he started to have problems with what she was posting. Because, you know, he grew up with the blog, and for a really long time he didn’t think it could be any other way. And the thing that still amazes him is that his mom didn’t lose interest at any point throughout those years. Of course, she doesn’t post every day anymore, but she still does it at least two or three times a week. And the content changed – it was now about being the mom of a teenager. And that was the problem. Here’s an example. When Ryan was thirteen he told his mom he liked a girl from his school. You see, he’s not that close with any of his friends, and he feels awkward sharing stuff like that with his dad. So he told his mom about his feelings and they had a nice talk, or so he thought at the time. And he felt terrible when he found out that the whole story got posted online. What made things even worse was the fact that the girl’s mom was one of the blog’s active readers. And even though Ryan’s mom didn’t mention the girl’s name, it wasn’t that hard to guess. He never actually talked to the girl about his feelings, but he’s pretty sure she found out. That was the first time that Ryan and his mom had a serious fight about the blog. He was trying to tell her that this stuff was private and the last thing he wanted was for everybody to know. But she just didn’t seem to understand. She said that these were things every child went through and there was nothing to be embarrassed about. He wasn’t embarrassed, he just didn’t want to be exposed for all the world to see like that! Several months after this, things got even worse. One of his classmates came across his mom’s blog online somehow. Of course he quickly told everyone else, and all of the kids at school found the time to scroll down her feed. Long story short, the next few weeks weren’t easy for Ryan. There were so many things his classmates were not supposed to know, including things he had said about them. And, of course, every post had something that they could make fun of. He was deeply hurt. He tried talking to his mom again, but she still refused to see the problem, so he just made the only decision possible: he stopped telling her anything about his life. As the months passed, their relationship deteriorated. Once she tried to talk to him about the problem, and he even thought they understood each other. But the next day she wrote a post about him being offended about the blog... Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com #actuallyhappened
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Asrat Taf (5 days ago)
My mom doesn't know English and she don't know how to post stuff so I guess I'm Lucky
Ibrahim Tarar (5 days ago)
HâwkÊÿę (6 days ago)
My mom posts a pictures (nice pictures) of me On Snapchat and Whatsapp
lilies fahad (7 days ago)
Maitha AlSuwaidi (10 days ago)
ACTUALLY HAPPENED no just photos nice photos not embarrassing ones
Naruto!!! Sasuke!!! (1 hour ago)
Is it not hypocritical that he now just shared the whole story one YouTube
Tortoise lover (6 hours ago)
👁👄👁 ___||____ / ✊🏼_/ \_✊🏼 Whoa
Kaine the Ghetto Boi (13 hours ago)
I’m lucky that I wasn’t born in a family full of bloggers
Anime Lover5 (1 day ago)
I check my mums facebook theres a picture of me lets just say getting potty trained in a white dress...
J (1 day ago)
Mom secretly open a new blog🙄
Wade Wilson (1 day ago)
if he was born in 2005, he would not be 15
Noah Polakiewicz (1 day ago)
Annie Espinosa (1 day ago)
My grandma's name is Diane
TheLocoGuy (2 days ago)
Mom looks like a little sister in the thumbnail
kaylee_ queen (2 days ago)
Ya my mom posts weird pictures of me and I really hope my friends never find her Instagram account but I know that one of my friends found it well me and her are not friends anymore for the reason that me and a girl named kyerah didn't want to be my friend so I lost my best friend Courney and soon after I lost my friends Vanessa because she didn't want to lose them I lost her yesterday because of all that and Me and Courney and kyerah haven't been friends for a week anyways Vanessa found my mom's Instagram and one of my other old friends did two but it has some pictures I don't want anyone to see but I know they mostly did and that scares me no they haven't said anything to me about mosly because I'm not friends with them but still if anyone were to see some of those pictures or they told anyone that hated me to go look at them and it went around all the kids in my grade I would be done for I have been bullied for 3 years some of the same kids but every year there's more and more and it sucks but I'm moving schools but still ya my mom posts a lot of things I don't want people to see mosly kids from my school and my friends I'm in grade 7 going in grade 8 in September but it's not only her Instagram it's her Facebook two that she's got lots of pictures of me that I don't want people to see what about you like my comment if your mom or dad or family dose the same thing
Stacy Ramkhelawan (3 days ago)
His mom looks more like his sister like if u agree
Winteroses Kayle (3 days ago)
Thats invasion of privacy
I would've ran from home and never came back
sangeeta gangwar (4 days ago)
Adriana Vilela (4 days ago)
Is that true.
Jones Kleid (4 days ago)
Lol never trust anyone
sunflowertea (4 days ago)
4:45 yep guys she definitely helped moms in Antarctica
Csongi mc0 (4 days ago)
Hope you die in ligma
Keaira likes cake (4 days ago)
She's actually a good mum for taking it down 👏
Cassandra Olivier (4 days ago)
I would move out ASAP
Ruby Spearing (5 days ago)
Me : * breathes * Mom : OMG GOTTA PUT THIS ON FB me : * moves arm to get phone * Mom : OMG GOTTA PUT THIS ON FB TO me : mom seriously MOM : GOTTA PUT THAT ON FB TO me * thinks * i cant do anything without the hole world knowing
MR_SMITH 9999 (5 days ago)
Or maybe report the blog
MR_SMITH 9999 (5 days ago)
If my mom do that i will punch her laptop or computer
I G (5 days ago)
Lesson learned, NEVER talk to your parents about ANYTHING!!!
Gorillaz trash Hngg (5 days ago)
R0YAL 0Z (5 days ago)
I watched this video ACTUALLY HAPPENED
Ibrahim Tarar (5 days ago)
Yo I many people do you give everyone your you tube channel
Nelson Ramos (6 days ago)
His Mom really screwed up
Bruna Neto (6 days ago)
MY MOM REVEALED MY BIGGEST SECRETS *pictures of being a baby* really?...
Newton Scamander (6 days ago)
4:44 You know, those moms in the...south pole.
Jungshook _ARMY[} {] (6 days ago)
Guy: Do your parents post stuff about you online? Me: Do my parents even know how to close the door when they leave my room? Do they even know how to text? Do they even know not to come into my room while I'm sleeping and turn on the light then leave the room WITHOUT TURNING THE LIGHT OFF AND CLOSE THE DAMN DOOR??
Afroza Amin (7 days ago)
yea of course people live in antartica 4:45
Candice Perry (7 days ago)
The internet can be useful I would fine a job using the internet
Emily B (7 days ago)
Anyone else really want to see that blog?
Anna Marie Krupka (7 days ago)
*gets offended about mom posting about him* *Posts a whole video about his mom with over millions of views* Just saying, this is a joke lol
Luna Wolf (7 days ago)
I hate your mother
oh mait (7 days ago)
Who is here from pinely
Lord your mom was annoying
I had no wi-if for a week *ACTUALLY HAPPENED*
Katya Barysiuk (7 days ago)
Why is the mom looking like a kid
Jaeie Lee (8 days ago)
Jeez what a bad Mom
I died in fortnite ACTUALLY HAPPEND HALP
Koopa•Boy•47 (8 days ago)
15 years? Wouldn't that be 2020?
Rae Lanyes (8 days ago)
O ma gud
Jonaidul Nur (8 days ago)
Bad parenting at its finest
Jocelyn Asistores (9 days ago)
Where you born on 2003??
Nazi Germany (9 days ago)
Epic Potato (9 days ago)
I feel so much like you
Swimmer for Life (9 days ago)
My dad posted about my first date
로미언니 (9 days ago)
Can you do a story of an older person? I'd be glad to hear stories of 20s or 30s.
Ariana Alexander (9 days ago)
my mama do!!
Gacha_ GamerPlayz (10 days ago)
(\ /) ( •~•) (>🍪) I GIVE YOU A COOKIE!
Healeon (8 days ago)
Drewey- Oh (10 days ago)
That blog is probably backed up by one of the readers if there was that many
Abby Harris (10 days ago)
Now everyone who watches “actually happened” knows too
Anderson Playz (10 days ago)
Acually he revealed his story to 2.2 million people....soo not your mom you bum
FOX HOLBROOK VANG (10 days ago)
i was not planed too
gacha anrjd (10 days ago)
;-; you actully made me cry sat the end
J5 Ziuj (10 days ago)
Now you are revealing to the whole youtube
Joe V (10 days ago)
3:40 that sounds like a phub title
Kpop Lover (11 days ago)
"She finally realized that there was a problem.." Seriously, how oblivious can she get??!!
o l i v i a (11 days ago)
so close to 2 mil!!
April Reid (11 days ago)
my mums mum had my mum at 15 and then she got adoptep about 30 something years later i was born im eight right now and has a healthy life ive got like 50 friends but gets bulied alot for getting questions wrong pretty often and gets mocked by my teacher shes nice at times but not often i have 4 brothers and one sister and a cute dog called buddy sorry for my spelling and remember dont let your self get bulied bye
Poo a. (11 days ago)
PUPPY BOOIDK (11 days ago)
this makes me glad my mum knows nothing about the internet
Annie Leng (12 days ago)
My mom can’t even work a pay phone
So, she deleted the blog but she only posts 2 or 3 times a week?
ian miyaki (13 days ago)
I wish my mom would do that even though it’s so embarrassing I love my mom and to see that she posts everyday of my life when I get older and she passes I would go and see this funny posts and moments we had and i will remember how much I miss her
Lil Pistol (13 days ago)
Naah this nothing my momma tell my business to her friends on the phone 😂😂
Sapphire Wolf (13 days ago)
And that is why you need to get someones permission before you post something about them online!
Angel Scinta (13 days ago)
I would have gave my mom a taste of her own medicine. By creating my own blog about her.
Sami Rahabi (13 days ago)
chandrakala s. (13 days ago)
Kid: complains mom for posting personal secrets online Mom:realises mistake and turns out Kid:reveals the whole story online PROVES THAT THERE IS SOME OF HIS MOTHERS BLOOD RUNNING THREW HIS VIEN
Nithya shree (14 days ago)
Boy: gets so uncomfortable for mom sharing everything on Internet and needs privacy Mom: understands and turns out Boy:tells the whole story on Internet 😂😂
Xboygaming3 (14 days ago)
Yes my mom does post pictures of me on Facebook she shows me pictures of me in her reminder folder and get embarrassed sometimes
GamerTolu (14 days ago)
gosh this is so bad your mom used to be a not a good mom now shes a super mega epic mom
Kevin Plays (14 days ago)
Me: (pooping on the toilet with my phone) His mom: (records) Me: (I noticed) Boiii get out I’m tryna Poo
lazy human (14 days ago)
Other peoples mumes:what is Twitter, Instagram,etc My mum:don't be silly I know Instagram, Twitter,etc Me: -_- And yes but she only posts family pics like family trips and other no things.
DRK BRITISH (14 days ago)
If my mom did something like that, I shattered her computer and Phone
D.I Costume (14 days ago)
Yes but only when I was a baby
Maria Santiago (14 days ago)
This sort of reminds me of the show Sex Education and how the main character’s mom is always telling everyone about his sexual issues 😜
In my regcognition day you dont wana now what happen some of our life needs to be priavate😉ok
Sailor Wailor (15 days ago)
This was a day before my birthday :P
Unique Unique (15 days ago)
I hate parents like that all those celebrities having babies and making pages in their kids name everybody is not for you there can be someone trying to steal your child why post them on that showing their face every two seconds
Death AngelYT (15 days ago)
I have the same birth year as him O.o that’s so cool
Kathileen Gorham (15 days ago)
I carack my nuclkles then it showed up
Kathileen Gorham (15 days ago)
I backspaxe but no it did some hyrcbjiiteo it said D itself
Kathileen Gorham (15 days ago)
I this it said went on but no
Wolfie Rhett (15 days ago)
When was ryan born
Illegirl애정 (15 days ago)
Moms like this need to be dropped on their heads.
Typical Rose (15 days ago)
Ye my mom ever posted me about kissing mah boyfriend and i got really mad >:(
Aoife Ni Loinsigh (15 days ago)
My mam had her profile picture on Facebook as me and my sister straight out of the bath (we were Young so we had baths together it's not weird) and we were wrapped up in a towel which I don't rlly mind because we're covered but my sister did
That Dude (16 days ago)
Wait, she started in 2005 and he said it was with her for 15 years, so it would be 2020 , its 2019...
MrGMoney1944 (16 days ago)
Should have talked to your old man instead.
Sophia Facchina (16 days ago)
I mean... All parents do. But not like this 😬
Gabriel Saenz (16 days ago)
0:11 boi your mom looks like a 18 year old~
Ahmad Mohar (16 days ago)
And now you shared it the story
Davina Obiri-Yeboah (16 days ago)
I don’t care about t series vs pewdiepie huH
Frenchy N. (16 days ago)
Yes all the time on Instagram
YaBoi Elliot (16 days ago)
Why does the mom look a sister more like a mother?

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