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ULTIMATE COLLECTION OF TRAVEL HACKS Summer is the best time for traveling and exploring the world. Studies have proven that traveling reduces stress and makes you noticeably smarter and healthier. But before enjoying different countries and beaches you need to choose the right list of stuff otherwise the holidays might be spoiled. The best way to organize is to prepare the ultimate travel packing checklist. Secondly, wherever you're planning to go, it’s important to protect your belongings. Being travel lovers we prepared a list of genius lifehacks to make your traveling relaxing and comfortable. -use popcorn to pack fragile items like glasses -tissues and plastic bottle will help you to save the wine bottle from cracking. Watch our video to find a tutorial -cover your vases with socks -make a knife sheath from empty paper towel roll -transform an old towel into roll organizer -a collection of brilliant ways how to fold clothes properly in 30 seconds Moreover, check out a collection of brilliant ways how to fold clothes properly in 30 seconds. Learn how to fold things for a trip in order to avoid wrinkles and folds. Folding clothes into square shapes is not the best way to store clothes in your luggage. Use the rolling method as it can reduce wrinkles and save space. This folding technique works really well for shorts, socks, synthetic T-shirts and tank tops, some pajamas and sweats. Don’t know where to hide your saved money while traveling? Whatever your travel destination may be, you should know where to hide your money to avoid risks. And again, we prepared money safety tips for travelers that you can share with your friends! The main rule is to split up your money in different places. Your hairbrush, lipstick, a bar of soap or even sanitary napkin could be used as a safe place when you travel and enjoy new countries. A lot of travelers save their money by sewing their own protective pocket inside of shorts or pants. So, what are the most useful camping tricks that you need to know? We have a collection of uncommon solutions to common and uncommon problems. DIY BBQ grill, thermos, corn chips Firestarter, floating key holder, foil dinnerware and more useful ideas for you! Enjoy your summer and share your lifehacks with us! TIMESTAMPS: 00:11 Popcorn travel hack 01:54 Fast way to pack clothes 04:24 Silica gel hacks 05:32 Money hiding hacks 11:01 DIY travel packs 12:29 Camping hacks 18:06 Camping waste sorting idea ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/5Minute.Crafts.Girly/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/5.min.crafts/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/5m_crafts Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: http://bit.ly/2ldditZ 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: https://goo.gl/PEuLVt The Bright Side of Youtube: https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (843)
Pink Milka (1 hour ago)
Non, sérieusement ? Les astuces sont irréfléchi, qui voudrait mettre son téléphone dans une coque en mousse géante ? Vous n'avez donc pas pensez à tous les inconvénients de la chose ou quoi, de un ça prend beaucoup trop de place pour un téléphone, et de deux, le téléphone ne se transporte pas dans une valise, je crois. En cas d'accident dans le train par exemple, vous pensez vraiment pouvoir attraper votre valise dans la soute pour prévenir des proche ? Non je ne pense pas. De même, pensez vous vraiment que je me balade avec un savon en bloc dans mon sac ? Et puis comment faire pour sortir le billet ? Je me le demande. De même, je pense que d'avoir 1$ dans mon sac ne me servira pas à grand chose. Aussi, je rappelle que la vidéo est sensée parler d'astuce de voyage, mais le coup de la poubelle à recyclage, ça sert à quoi pendant un voyage, devrai-je la mettre dans ma valise ? Je n' espère pas. Mettre les clés dans la chaussure ? Sans blague ? C'est le meilleur moyen de les perdre ! En faisant des lacets, il peuvent glisser... Pensez vous vraiment que je vais m'amuser à enlever les chaussures toute la journée pour la voiture ? Les couverts en aluminium... Euh ? Et pour les transporter ? Il finissent écrasée dans le sac, à moins qu'on les mettent avec le téléphone dans le bloc de mousse ? C'est irréfléchi. Merci de prendre en compte mon commentaire qui à mon avis devrais vous faire réfléchir.
Meh meh (14 hours ago)
19.00 *Song plays Next level* Me: True....
Jintee Lahkar (2 days ago)
I love your hacks guys but i hate crafty panda because they watch your hacks and make similar videos...
Alexandra Hall (2 days ago)
I tried these hacks and they worked. I think I’ll count on 5-Minute Craft’s Travel hacks
HeyitsOlive (3 days ago)
I always hate how your thumb nails are what we need but then you never show us how to pack or what ever the thumb nail was
Ila Ace (3 days ago)
In das Handy 100 € legen ist eigentlich dumm weil man klaut doch meistens das Handy und da findet dann noch mal 100 €
Hani Diary (4 days ago)
why the hell I would pack my phone?? put it in the pocket or bag!
Я одна здесь российская!!!
i was like the 5 minutes turned to hours except some of it don't you think
Antiochos I (6 days ago)
2 times the money hidden in a lipbalm hack Please, invent new hacks, we're fed up to see always the same hacks
Magda Krawiec (6 days ago)
Hacks from crafty panda 😥
Vaishnavi Bakshi (6 days ago)
What the fuck she did with that mounting foam??
Olivia (7 days ago)
So childish....
Chanelle sn (8 days ago)
Ammi Victoria (8 days ago)
Есть российские?
Phristo Cardiel (9 days ago)
uhm, yeah these are not for travel.
mr.handsomehanz pangan (10 days ago)
5 minute crafts sponcored durex
BloxTube (10 days ago)
No one talking about the ‘remove panties’ one?... okay.
Aneta Bobrowska (11 days ago)
6:38 Just how to later draw 👏
kaelie monster (11 days ago)
Razor hidden in a sock?! Perfect for my next psych ward trip!!
Lisa Schröder (11 days ago)
Ich lege mein Geld auch immer in mein Handy 😁😁😁
shruti jadhav (11 days ago)
I think the first series of the video is for moving houses and not for traveling
Praveen Acharya (12 days ago)
That money will get only after using that soap😁😁😁😁😁😁
SANTI (12 days ago)
I prefer that they steal me 100 dollars than they steal me 100 dollars AND MY PHONE!!!!
Kundan P (12 days ago)
6:39 who the hell sticks a soap bar out of nowhere in an luggage full of clothes?!
Ari Elle (12 days ago)
7:40 you know people will want to steal your phone too😑
Eli Flores (13 days ago)
Some of them are really useful and other ones are just dumb
OhMyOreoz xoxo (13 days ago)
How are you planning to get that money out of the soap?
Shparkle Doge (13 days ago)
didn't Crafty Panda to the eat same hacks?
Jetrix Taz Empedrado (14 days ago)
Jinkx Monsoon (14 days ago)
Zdecydowanie najlepszy odcinek ❤️ bardzo często podróżuje i na pewno wykorzystam kilka lifiehacków😉
Să postati si altele noi care nu ati mai filmat va rog
Alisha Rosefield (15 days ago)
At 5:10 they copied that "hack" from Troom Troom
Felonius Gru (16 days ago)
7:13 but what if someone wants a piece of gum and you give the money to them?
radioalice bell (18 days ago)
10:06 whyist here boxers if this video is for girls
Madilyn Ray (19 days ago)
Friend: can I have some gum?? Me: sure *Hands them 100 dollars not knowing
Boondoggle Show (20 days ago)
🙍‍♀️ 👋👗🤚 👠👠 This is Amy. She wants to clone herself. 1 like = 1 clone
Boondoggle Show (20 days ago)
Boondoggle Show (20 days ago)
Boondoggle Show (20 days ago)
Jihan Amin (21 days ago)
You make me sleepy
the jammer (21 days ago)
I like how she or he used and iphone waterproof iphone to save it
Avery Millspaugh (22 days ago)
Did anyone notice that the time on the phone was 4:20
Jasleen Dhillon (22 days ago)
Condom as fire starter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Romina A (23 days ago)
For the hacks that hide money in everyday objects, what if somebody thinks it's just a hairbrush and takes it. There goes your money and your brush
Madison McCoy (23 days ago)
These are so pointless
Thea D (24 days ago)
what's the point in the foam phone one??
How are you today? (5 hours ago)
I think it’s made to protect your phone if your were to put it in your luggage. I’m not completely sure though.
FallenAngel 359 (8 days ago)
Thea D I wonder too
May Chulata (24 days ago)
What paper is used to wrap the glass??
Winfonzjill Bieber (24 days ago)
Popcorns!better to use styro
Bijuli Upadhai (25 days ago)
Isha Abhonkar (25 days ago)
2:32 - is that ur favourite hack?! @5 minutes crafts...... Literally in maximum videos that can be seen....
Rae Toya (25 days ago)
What if the box with the pop corn busted 😂😂😂😂😂
Hockey Dinosaur (26 days ago)
16:51 Did anyone notice an egg had blood in it???!!!! 😱😱
Laura Kece (26 days ago)
Ragendhu sreedev (26 days ago)
This is traveling good hacks 👍 but why would I waste two bags of popcorn that's bad 👎
Danica Kostur (28 days ago)
5:14 is the only one I would actually use
Chloe Franson (29 days ago)
Okay I said that before I saw the rest
Chloe Franson (29 days ago)
How is this about traveling?
costco freezer (29 days ago)
these are not very good travel hacks
kitch TV (29 days ago)
warch this video if you wanna get FREE flights : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b33fxM5yUk
Mariam _playz (30 days ago)
Mariam _playz (30 days ago)
Why do I need to watch hacks when it’s 11:30 -.-
Ngan Nguyen (30 days ago)
Biết thừa mấy cái trò mèo
ary Snaza (1 month ago)
N everybody knew where money is haha
Dayfi Dayfi (1 month ago)
Lucy V (1 month ago)
15:52 do that by the till, guess what people think
Ananda Kumara (1 month ago)
Y would u need to use a sleeping bag if u r at home/hotel
Ananda Kumara (1 month ago)
Making this video is stupid. What if the theft is watching this video he/she would know where people hide their money
Md Suhhail Suhhail (1 month ago)
Vanessa HILL (1 month ago)
Umm no offense but the hundred dollar Bills were fake
Angelica GachaPlayZ (1 month ago)
Bam Bam Thank you Ma'am!
Taylor’s Show (1 month ago)
The phone said it was 4:20 😶
Sharani Jatan (1 month ago)
I was seeing if anybody noticed.... Does this mean they be hitting a joint??????
S Morrison (1 month ago)
The first hack was bull shit, all of them are
Lizzy Levesque (1 month ago)
I feel like these are moving hacks not traveling
Raj Jeet (1 month ago)
plastic glass die OK only plastic glass flowers pot
Mohmed Mopark (1 month ago)
Marisa Knight (1 month ago)
18:04 hmmmmmm it's windy and no sun and your not sweating lol 😂
Mariela bucio Bucio (1 month ago)
mariela bucio
Astrid Lavender (1 month ago)
16:31 She picked up her phone after, right???
Maggie Heberling (1 month ago)
does anyone notice they are using the same hacks again in the same video also how do you plan on getting that soap out 🤦‍♀️
Ginny Molly Weasley (2 hours ago)
Meh meh OMG I haven’t seen that before. It’s ridiculous really, as it’s meant to be such a good channel
Meh meh (14 hours ago)
+Ginny Molly Weasley Even sometimes there is SAME HACK 3 times in video ;_;
Ginny Molly Weasley (14 days ago)
Yeah LOL, it’s rlly annoying. In some vids they just put the same vids in a different order. It really annoys me.
Hazel & Nora Prentice (30 days ago)
Ananda Kumara (1 month ago)
Julie Gulliford (1 month ago)
Some of these are good hacks. I've tried some of the folding methods and they do work, however not all clothes with be made with the same thickness in fabric.
MyLifeAsIzz (1 month ago)
Plz do different hacks
Είστε. Τελειοι
donana beck (1 month ago)
avec cette vidéo , maintenant les voleurs savent où on cache notre argent , lol
Liv Savage (1 month ago)
11:02 that’s not nearly enough as you should use. That would last u like 3 days
Liv Savage (1 month ago)
Wtf is a wrong with putting ur money in ur wallet. Leave it alone
Jeannie 52 (1 month ago)
20:13 A condom filled with water is a fire starter??? Forget it. Some of these are good ideas but some are repeats....
Layla_ Grace (1 month ago)
Ha ha that’s funny. Sure you put the money in the soap, but how do you plan on getting it out?
donana beck (1 month ago)
avec une pince à épiler par exemple :-)
Sofia Sammoun (1 month ago)
1:23, no offense, but *why would I bring a knife when I travel* .....
brittany summers (19 days ago)
Lumpy Potato (21 days ago)
It's for moving
Annalyn Dobson (22 days ago)
Camping maybe
Annalyn Dobson (22 days ago)
+ErAmGr 62 yeah. I was thinking the same thing
Hockey Dinosaur (26 days ago)
Security, we need a bag check
Vilja Skriko (1 month ago)
0:45 why don't you just carry your phone in your pocket or handbag
Mrdinkles and Jenna (1 month ago)
I love how the time on the phone is 420
pawan sharma Sharma (1 month ago)
2:10 to 2:14 amazing.
Lina Mishra (1 month ago)
Really amazing
Syra Qureshi (1 month ago)
*Where to hide your money**
Samira R (1 month ago)
How is the first one saving money?
Samantha Miller (1 month ago)
I’m going to New York and Washington DC this summer and this is great
Just Martin (1 month ago)
And if someone steals your phone then someone will steal your money too.🤑🤑

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