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Wednesday Night Blackout Party

From 7:00 PM until Midnight, we turn the lights off. Areas will be lit by candlelight. This coincides with the Wednesday locker discount. Come see what you can get into in the dark! Platos Retreat All Gender Party. Club members, women, men, couples, singles, groups. All are welcome regardless of gender or sexual orientation. We waive the membership fee for everyone! Additionally, females get $10 lockers and $17 rooms. If youre looking to rent a room, make sure to be here early in the evening as they are limited in number. Pittsburgh Kink After Dark (PKAD) The biannual all gender kink party! Hidden in Pittsburgh’s historic Strip District, among your favorite restaurants and food shops, is an unassuming elevator in an average looking building. That elevator is your doorway to a world of new experiences. Welcome to Pittsburgh Kink After Dark, a place where all your fantasies unfold before you. Once again, Club Pittsburgh will open its doors to the kink community. Come experience a new kind of party. Explore the club’s dark corridors, get freaky in the fully equipped second floor play space, feel the open air against your skin on the roof, or just hang out and enjoy the hot tub. Dance party on the 2nd floor! Members get in free with rental! Dance all night! Trans and Twink Tuesday. Every Tuesday from 6PM until Midnight we offer a discount to all transgender people, cross dressers that arrive in dress, and men under 25. For this group, lockers will be $1. Membership fee ($9) still applies. If you do not have a membership you will pay a total of $10. If you do have a membership you will only pay $1! Party starts at 8pm and goes all night! Rooms will sell out, so get here early! Theres always something happening at Club Pittsburgh! We are open 24 hours per day! Come for a lunch-break quickie. Come for a soak after work. Come for a workout in the evening. Or come down after the bars close. Theres always something to do at Club Pittsburgh! Check frequently to find out whats going on. You can also find us on Facebook, YouTube Twitter, and Grindr!